Here's what you need to know


Here's what you need to know

Fantasy Football Evolution (FFE) offers unique, season-long fantasy football fun at a tremendous value for money. It is the only fantasy football competition that offers competitive drafting, league play and tournament play for an unlimited number of players. With its unique three-stage, super-flex format, it is probably the most strategic fantasy football experience available today.

Compete for 115 cash prizes including the $25,000 World Champion grand prize!

You can compete in the Global, State and Private Competitions which each last for 16 weeks and each have the unique, FFE three-stage format.

FFE offers the Global and State Competitions with cash prizes in the states of AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, ME, MA, MD, MI, MN, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, WY and International (The United States of America, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and Turkey).

Private Competitions are available in all states (see below).

FFE also offers Mock Drafting in all states. This is a stand-alone feature to get to know how FFE competitive drafting works and have some fun experimenting with different draft strategies before you enter the main Global, State and Private competitions.

Global Competition

This is the main FFE competition.

Buy a team and enter the FFE Global Competition and compete over 16 weeks to become the Global FFE Fantasy Football champion and win the $25,000 top prize!

The Global Competition is available in AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, ME, MA, MD, MI, MN, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, WY and International.

Due to restrictive state laws, the Global Competition is not available in AL, AZ, AR, DE, HI, ID, IN, IA, LA, MS, MO, MT, NV, NY, PA, TN, VT, VA, WA.

The Global Competition truly is global. Entries are accepted from all over the world. For the purposes of these rules, foreign countries operate in the same way as US states.

FFE is available in all major countries. International players will see their ‘Country’ appear as the description where a US based player would see ‘State’. Apart from this difference, FFE operates the same way for International players as it does for US based players.

State (and Country) Competitions

The team you bought to enter the Global Competition is automatically entered into your local State (or Country) Competition which also runs for 16 weeks and uses FFE’s unique three-stage format. You can compete to be your State Champion and win your state cash prize!

Available in AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, ME, MA, MD, MI, MN, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, WY and International.


Pricing structure

Tremendous Value for 16 Weeks of Entertainment

FFE Price Table for 2018 ($)
  • A team purchased for the Global competition is automatically entered into your State (or Country) competition for free (see above list for participating states)
  • A team purchased for a Private competition is automatically entered into the Global and State (or Country) competitions for free (see list below for participating states)
  • For States where FFE does not operate the Global and State competitions, teams can still be purchased for Private competitions at a reduced cost (see below)
For Global, State and Private competitions (in states where FFE offers all three) July August Sept & Oct
First team 25 27 29
Second team 22.50 24.50 26.50
Third team (and subsequent individual teams) 20 22 24
Pack of five teams 90 98 105
Pack of ten teams 165 180 195
For Private Competitions in states where FFE does not offer Global or State competitions July August Sept & Oct
Each team 10 11 12
For Mock Drafting Teams July August Sept & Oct
First two teams Free Free N/A
Pack of five teams 5 5 N/A

State-by-state participation rules apply and are subject to change without notice.

FFE offers the Global and State Competitions in the states of AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, WY, International (most countries).

Private Competitions are available in all States and countries.

There is maximum purchase limit of 125 teams per single user.

Discounts are offered for early purchase of teams. Teams do not need to be drafted at time of purchase.

Teams may be purchase up until NFL week 3 provided they are drafted before the beginning of NFL week 4. See Rules Overview section for more details.


Everything you need to know about player performance

  • TD 0 - 20 yards - 4 points
  • Every additional 10 yards of TD - 0.25 points
  • Every Yard - 0.04 points
  • 300 Yards - Bonus 3 points   
  • Each additional 50 yards - Bonus 1 point
  • Interception - minus 2 points
  • 2 Point Conversion - 2 points
  • TD 0 - 20 yards - 6 points
  • Every additional 10 yards of TD - 0.25 points
  • Every yard - 0.1 points
  • 100 Yards - Bonus 3 Points
  • Each additional 25 yards - Bonus 1 point
  • Reception - 0.5 points
  • Fumble - minus 2 points
  • 2 Point Conversion - 2 points
  • TD 0 - 20 yards - 6 points
  • Every additional 10 yards of TD - 0.25 points
  • Every yard - 0.1 points
  • 100 Yards - Bonus 3 Points
  • Each additional 25 yards - Bonus 1 point
  • Reception - 0.5 points
  • Fumble - minus 2 points
  • 2 Point Conversion - 2 points
  • Offensive Fumble Return TD - 6 points
  • Extra point - 1 point
  • 30 yard FG or less - 3 points
  • Each Additional yard - + .1 points
Defence/Special items
  • Defensive Sack - 1 point
  • Defensive Safety - 2 points
  • Defensive turnover - 2 points
  • Defensive Blocked Kick - 2 points
  • Defensive/Special Teams TD - 6 points
  • Defensive Return Point After Attempt - 2 points
  • Allow 0 points - 0 Points taken off
  • Every point allowed - .4 points deducted
  • Allow 100 yards or less - 0 Points taken off
  • Every additional 10 yards allowed - .4 points deducted


Build a team that will dominate the field

Drafting Your Team

Welcome to Fantasy Football Evolution's (FFE) draft tutorial! This guide will assist you in drafting your FFE team(s), but will by no means provide you with a winning team. That responsibility falls entirely upon you and your drafting skills. This will, however, help you with strategies that you'll want to keep in mind as you draft your teams(s).

Before you begin the draft, please note that there is NO time limit for making selections provided your draft is completed 30 minutes prior to the start of the first NFL game that you want to compete in, therefore, you have ample time to evaluate players and research each pick. The computer teams will make their selections instantaneously, while you will have the opportunity to strategize yours.

First step: select your draft position. You may select any spot between #1 and #12. Note that this is a serpentine or "snake" style draft. If you select #1 as your draft position, your next draft selections will be #24 (last pick in the second round), #25 (the first pick in the third round) and then #48 (the last pick in the fourth round), etc., for twenty rounds.

Here's why: as you may or may not already know, each human player has his or her own league, consisting of him or her and eleven computer teams, which make a twelve team league. The computer teams are designed to select from the top handful of players left on the ranking board within its position of need. Each computer team in your league (and in all the other leagues for that matter), is designed to analyze its team's needs and to alter randomly whom it selects off the ranking board that meets those needs.

Each player, human or computer, drafts 20 players for his/ its team. Players, human or computer, may NOT make trades or pick up players off the waiver wire during the season, so draft accordingly.

Each 20-player team must consist of at least 3 quarterbacks, 4 running backs, 4 wide receivers, 2 tight ends, 2 kickers, 2 defenses/special teams and 3 "free" picks at any position. Because NO trading between teams or pickups off of the waiver wire can occur during the season, all teams must draft to protect against bye weeks and injuries.

Outside of your three free picks, FFE will regulate the players you pick for a specific position based on each player's bye week. For example, you need a minimum of two tight ends on your team, so if you select a tight end in the 5th round with a bye week in week 7 and select another tight end in the 13th round with a bye week on week 7, too, FFE will either not allow you to make the selection (if you have already used your three additional position picks), or force you to draft another tight end that does not have a bye week on week 7. This ensures that you do not have an empty starting position when you play one of the computer teams in your league during the first 7 weeks, or Stage 1, of the competition. Injuries, however, cannot be predicted or fully planned for therefore, they may cost you an empty starting position if luck turns against you. Computer teams also face the same risk of having an empty slot due to injured players. If you are locked from drafting a player, check that the player you're drafting doesn't have the same bye week as a player you've already drafted at the same position. Feel free to email us for additional assistance.

You have the option to manually draft all or part of your team or you can select Auto-draft at any time to complete the drafting of your team. Auto-draft will occur immediately. Selecting the Auto-draft option CANNOT be undone. There will be a warning pop-up message to warn you about this.

You may purchase a team and draft it at any time, provided you have finished drafting 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the National Football League's (NFL) week that you first wish to compete in. Under any circumstances, all drafting must be completed 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the first NFL week 4 game. Any team not fully drafted by this time will be force-drafted by the system.

Normally, players wish to complete drafting prior to NFL week 1. However, you do have the option to delay team purchase and/or drafting up until NFL week 3, provided that you complete the draft of all teams prior to the beginning of NFL week 4. Obviously, if you delay drafting until after the NFL season begins, you cannot achieve any wins in any weeks of play before you are drafted. You get to have more information by delaying drafting in this way but you have fewer chances to get the 4 wins needed to advance from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of the competitions. Since 4 wins are required to advance, and Stage 1 lasts 7 weeks, all drafting must be completed before NFL week 4.

As mentioned above, apart from the final deadline, the draft has no time limit for selections. Develop a draft strategy and continually revisit it throughout the draft and select the players that best fit it and that meet the team requirements of the FFE draft. Filling roster spots properly with players that do not have conflicting bye weeks is essential for FFE. You are not up against the clock. Therefore, you determine how long the draft lasts. You may logoff from the site and when you log back in, you will be directed back to the draft to resume from the same spot from where you left it, which will always be your selection. Take your time, do the research, seek advice from a friend or just take a break from the draft. Your approach to the draft is entirely up to you as long as the draft is completed prior to the first NFL week that you wish to participate in. Just remember, Under any circumstances, all drafting must be completed 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the first NFL week 4 game. Any team not fully drafted by this time will be force-drafted by the system.

Happy drafting and good luck on your way to becoming the next Fantasy Football Evolution Champion!


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For newbies, here's what you need to know about lineups

A team's default lineup is based on the position each player is drafted. For example, the first Quarterback selected is installed as the starting Quarterback with the remaining Quarterbacks drafted destined to the bench. Likewise, the first two Running Backs selected as the starters and the remaining two stay on the bench, and so on. The 2 Flex Players will default to the first two selections above the starting requirements listed below. For example, if you draft 4 Running Backs with the first 4 selections, the 3rd and 4th Running Back will default to be your Flex Players. The Flex Player can be any player from any position you choose - from Quarterback to Defense. If you choose to start 3 Quarterbacks, you are allowed to do so.

You can modify the default lineup as you wish from players on the bench provided the required positions are honored. A team's starting lineup must consist of

  • Quarterback - 1
  • Running Back - 2
  • Wide Receiver - 2
  • Tight End- 1
  • Kicker - 1
  • Defense - 1
  • Flex Player - 2

You can set your lineup manually by yourself or by using Auto-lineup. The Auto-lineup will select your players based on a combination of past weeks performances and player ranking. Auto-lineup can be enabled throughout the season by clicking Auto-lineup on the "Team Managment" tab.

The team MUST fulfill the starting lineup requirements or the team will be deemed an illegal lineup and ineligible to compete. A pop-up message will notify you if you have not successfully set your lineup.


Want to know who is winning? Look no further

There are leaderboards for the World Competition, the State/Country Competitions and all of the Private Competitions. All competitions have the unique FFE three-stage format.

The leaderboards serve several purposes.

Firstly, before the season starts, they allow you to see which competitions your teams are entered into. This is important if you want to join a friend’s Private Competition or invite a Friend to join your own Private Competition. This allows you to move your friendly league to be hosted by FFE so that you and your friends can enjoy the unique three stage format that only FFE offers.

Secondly, once competition has started, the Leaderboards allow you to see how your teams rank with other teams. Specifically, they allow you to see how close your teams are to the "cut-off" to proceed to the next stage. The "cut-off" is similar to the cut line used in a golf tournament.

In Stage 1, if your team compiles a record of 4-3 or better, or it is in the top 50% of human teams, it will automatically advance to Stage 2.

In Stage 2, the average fantasy points from Stage 1 will be added to the fantasy points scored in week 8, week 9 and week 10 and the 64 top-scoring teams will advance to Stage 3.


Bring pain to computer opponents on a virtual gridiron

How the League Works

Stage 1 of the FFE competition consists of league format play. Your teams will compete in individual leagues against 11 computer teams, similar to traditional fantasy football leagues. The duration of this stage is 7 weeks, where every week from weeks 1 to 7, your team will compete head-to-head with a different computer team. Your team's starting lineup of players will go up against the computer team's starting lineup of players to determine which team will win that specific matchup. A team's points are based on its players' statistical performances in their NFL games and calculated based off a predetermined scoring system used by FFE (see Scoring for a complete detail of how FFE quantifies player and team statistics). For example, a QB, say Eli Manning, passes for 250 yards, 2 touchdowns (TD) and one interception. Under our scoring system, Manning's performance will earn 16 points based on a scoring system that awards 1 point for every 25 yards passing, 4 points for every TD under 20 yards and minus 2 points for every interception.

Each team will compile a win/loss record in Stage One based on the results of its league games. The compilation of win/loss record in association with total points scored and a predefined tiebreaking system (see Tiebreaker section) will factor into whether a team will advance to Stage 2. Please note only human players advance. Any team that compiles a record of 4-3 or better during the first 7 weeks of Stage 1 will automatically move on to Stage 2. A team's win/loss record can be viewed on the Leaderboards. However, a designated percentage of teams must move on to Stage Two. As a result, some teams with a win/loss record of less than 4-3 MIGHT move on to Stage Two. If at the end of Stage One, less than 50% of the overall teams have compiled a record of 4-3, FFE will advance the next best teams to satisfy the 50% minimum quota. For example, if there are 100,000 teams and only 44,000 entries finish Stage 1 at 4-3 or better, the top 6,000 3 win teams will move on to Stage 2 to satisfy the 50% quota.

Each week, you can review the overall standings on the "Leaderboard" tab to see how your team rank compared to other teams and how close they are to the Stage 2 "cut-off." The "cut-off" is similar to the cut line used in a golf tournament.


1 - Total Points Scored for Stage 1.

A minimum of 50% of the total number of teams competing in Stage 1 will advance to Stage 2. Any team that compiles a record of 4 wins and 3 losses or better will advance automatically to Stage 2. If teams with a record of 4-3 or better fail to make up the 50% minimum requirement, then teams with the next best record will also advance. In other words, should teams with a record of 4-3 or better not make up at least 50% of the teams, then the best teams with a record of 3-0-4 will advance. If 3-0-4 teams fail to make up the 50% minimum then the best teams with a record of 3-1-3 will also advance. After 3-1-3 teams are exhausted, the best 3-2-2 teams will advance followed by the best 3-3-1 teams, etc. Within each win step, the best teams will be determined based on the total amount of team points they scored in Stage 1. If a tie exists between two or more teams with identical records that the tiebreaker does not resolve, then they both advance to Stage 2.


The stakes get higher and only the strong survive

Three Week Elimination

Stage 2 of the FFE competition is a three-week battle in which each team strives for the highest cumulative fantasy points score possible. The stage is strategically structured to reduce the remaining number of entries down to the top 64 teams that will advance to Stage 3. A lengthy tiebreaker system will be utilized in order to narrow the advancing field down to 64 (see Tiebreaker section). The 64 teams that advance to Stage 3 will do so based on the average weekly score from Stage 1 plus the weekly scores from week 8, week 9 and week 10, in conjunction with the applicable tiebreaker system, if necessary.

  • Stage 1 Win/Loss Record
  • Total Points Scored During Stage 1.
  • Average Margin of Victory (Includes Losses) during Stage 1.
  • Highest Maximum % of Stage 2 Points Scored. Maximum % is the most amount of points a team could have scored if they selected the 10 best point totals for all their available slots / the actual points they scored.
  • Highest Maximum % of Stage 1 Points Scored. Maximum % is the most amount of points a team could have scored if they selected the 10 best point totals for all their available slots / the actual points they scored.
  • Total Average Yardage By Starters (Kickers and Defenses do not count).
  • Total Average Touchdowns By Starters (Kickers and Defenses do not count).
  • Highest One -Week Point Scoring Total during Stage 1.
  • Highest Maximum % of Week 10 Points Scored. Maximum % is the most amount of points a team could have scored if they selected the 10 best point totals for all their available slots / the actual points they scored.
  • Highest Maximum % of Week 9 Points Scored. Maximum % is the most amount of points a team could have scored if they selected the 10 best point totals for all their available slots / the actual points they scored.


Faceoff against the best players and see who takes home the cash

Stage 3, the final stage of FFE the competition, will ultimately crown the FFE Champion. The tournament consists of six rounds, beginning in NFL week 11 and ending in NFL week 16. This is a six week single-elimination tournament and for the first time in the competition feature head to head games between the human teams. If your team wins, it advances. If it loses, it's eliminated from the tournament. The sixty-four teams that advance to Stage 3 will be seeded from #1 (the top seed) to #64 (the bottom seed) then matched up against one another tournament style: 1 vs. 64, 2 vs. 63, 3 vs. 62,…, 30 vs. 35, 31 vs. 34, 32 vs. 33.

At this point of the competition, all you need to do is defeat your opponent to advance. The final team standing is crowned the Fantasy Football Evolution Champion. Its owner can stake claim to the title of Best Fantasy Football Player in the World.


In case of tie, highest seed (for example #32 vs. #33, #32 is the higher seed) moves on.


Be your State or Country FFE Champion!

All teams purchased for the FFE Global Completion are automatically entered into the applicable State/Foreign Country Competition.

Please note that FFE does not offer the Global Competition in all states. See Overview section for details.

In states that FFE does offer the Global Competition, your teams will compete in the Global and State/Foreign Country Competitions simultaneously. You can be the Global FFE champion and/or the FFE champion for your US State or Foreign Country!!

Like the Global FFE Competition, the State/Foreign Country Competitions follow the unique FFE three-stage competition format.

The State/Foreign Country competitions use the same team/name/draft/weekly picks/weekly scores as the Global Competition

Standard FFE scoring and game-play rules apply

State/Foreign Country Competitions are also 16 weeks long.

The Stage 3 Bracket format and the minimum participant amount will vary depending on number of applications in each State/Foreign Country.


Let FFE host your Private Competition so you and your friends can enjoy our unique three-stage format!

Fantasy Football Evolution now offers FFE’s new and unique game-play which allows users to create THEIR OWN UNIQUE, THREE-STAGE TOURNAMENT!

All your friends, family and co-workers can be invited to join – you are not restricted to twelve players. Due to the unique, patent protected design of FFE, you can invite any number of people to join your Private League Competition!

  • Standard FFE scoring and game-play rules apply.
  • This is a three-stage competition format.
  • The Stage 2 and Stage 3 qualifiers and the minimum participants will vary depending on number of teams in each private league.
  • See League Format matrix to determine how many teams advance to Stages 2 & 3
  • Private Competitions are 16 weeks long.
  • FFE does not offer or administer prizes for Private Competitions.


Just because you lost, doesn't mean you can't still play on!

Consolation Competition

With the completion of Stage 1, every human entry team will be awarded a free entry into the consolation competition.

This means you are guaranteed 16 weeks of competitive fun, with available prizes, even if you are eliminated from the FFE Global Competition!

The winner of this bonus competition will receive $1000, with 2nd place winning $250 and 3rd through 5th place teams winning $50. This competition begins in Week 8 of the NFL season and runs through the end of week 16. The team with the highest cumulative total score from week 9 until week 16 wins the competition.

All human entry teams are eligible to win the consolation competition except for the final 16 teams that qualify for the FFE Championship Tournament Bracket. After the end of week 12, when the Top 16 is finalized, those 16 teams will be removed from the consolation competition leaderboard.


Refer your friends to win free entries and cash

Referral Program:

When you sign up for FFE and register your account you will be given a unique referral code. On you’re my account screen you can copy and paste your referral code, send via Facebook and Twitter, or email people directly. Additionally, on this screen you can view how many referrals you have and how many referral credits you’ve earned.

REFFERAL CREDITS EXPLAINED: Each time you refer a new paying person, you will receive a $4 credit to your account. In addition to this, the person you referred will also receive a $4 credit to their account. You can earn unlimited credits, so the more people you refer the more credits you will earn. These credits can only be used towards the purchase of FFE teams. They are NOT available for withdrawal.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and refer as many people as you can. Rack up those referral credits, earn enough to get free teams and strengthen your chances of being the next FFE National Champion and winner of $25,000. (Note: You only receive a $4 referral credit when the referee purchases their first team, subsequently if they purchase more teams no additional credits will be awarded).

Reward yourself, reward your friends, and help grow your odds and the FFE completion by referring players now.

Refer your friends to win free entries and cash!


Just in case you get stuck

Can I trade a player?

No, due to the fact that the first 8 weeks of the competition pits the human owned entry against computer teams within the individual leagues, trades are not allowed and that is the reason rosters are larger than most standard fantasy leagues.

Can I pick up a player off waivers?

No, due to the fact that the first 8 weeks of the competition pits the human owned entry against computer teams within the individual leagues, free agent pickups are not allowed and that is the reason rosters are larger than most standard fantasy leagues.

Why can't I view the site?

If you are having issues viewing our site, please check to ensure your internet browser is up to date. Other things you can try, use another browser or clear all cookies and cache then reboot your computer. If problems persist, send an email to the techincal support email.

Can I use the team I drafted in my other league?

No. Each league's draft is different and therefore cannot be transferred over. This is done to put all competitors on an equal footing.

How do I contact support if I run into an issue or just have a general question?

For billing problems contact
For technical problems contact

Can I get a refund once I pay?

Unfortunately not, there are multiple protective steps to make sure that payment for your purchase is what you intended to purchase. Once the final "Pay" button is clicked all sales are final.

What happens if there are multiple teams competing in Stage 3 with similar rosters?

This scenario is a possibility; however, the probability that teams with very similar rosters is highly unlikely. The FFE competition has installed safeguards into its patent pending system, which includes multiple computer drafting algorithms, a fractionalized scoring system and two flex positions just to name a few. Of course, there is always the human element to help differentiate teams as well.

What happens if one (1) or more of my teams does well or does bad? Does this affect my other teams?

When an individual purchases more than one entry, each of the individual's entries are independent of each other and are actually competing against each other to move on to the next stage.

What happens if I win?

In order to claim your prize, you must supply information that includes the following; full name, telephone number and complete postal address. The IRS also requires any prize winner $600 or greater to provide a valid social security number. At no point will this personal information be sold or distributed to third parties.


Here's all the legal stuff

Welcome to Fantasy Football Evolution (FFE) a service owned, operated, or provided by BDL Penn Enterprises, LLC. ("FFE", "us", or "we"). These Terms of Use ("Terms") govern your use of the FFE website or service (collectively, the "Service") that includes an authorized link to these Terms.


The FFE rules that are published on the FFE website are also a part of the Terms and Conditions of use for the relevant FFE product or service. As with all the other Terms and Conditions below, these rules may be changed without notice and so should be reviewed regularly.

Below, are additional terms and conditions for using any FFE product or service. Please review these terms and conditions carefully before using the Service. By using the Service, you accept these Terms. These terms and conditions may also change without notice and so should be reviewed regularly.

1. Eligibility


Due to restrictive state laws, the FFE Global Competition is not available in AL, AZ, AR, DE, HI, ID, IN, IA, LA, MS, MO, MT, NV, NY, PA, TN, VT, VA, WA.

Residents of all states are able to make purchases and play in Private Competitions that are hosted by FFE. FFE does not offer or administer prizes in Private Competitions.

Employees of (i) FFE, or (ii) any entity directly connected with the development, implementation or marketing of FFE, and the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) or household members of each such employee are not eligible.

Participation is void where prohibited by law.

2. Changes

The Rules are part of these Terms. We may occasionally change any of the Rules or other Terms without notice, so we encourage you to review them periodically. If you continue to use the Services after we change the Terms, you are deemed to have accepted all changes.

3. Privacy Policy

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FFE collects e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses and other personal information for its own use for legal reasons. FFE prides itself on its customer service and values its customer’s privacy. At no point will any personally identifying information be sold or distributed to any other company in any manner other than that strictly necessary to transact payments or otherwise operate our system. FFE's servers may also automatically collect information about your computer when you visit the Website, including without limitation the type of browser software you use, the operating system you are running, the website that referred you, and your Internet Protocol ("IP") address. Your IP address is usually associated with the place from which you enter the Internet, like your Internet Service Provider, your company or your university.


FFE uses personally identifying information you supply through the Website to provide you with the service you have requested. For example, if you advance to the final stage of the competition, we will use your e-mail address to send you a confirmation notice. We may also use the information to communicate with you about new features, products or services, and/or to improve the services that we offer by tailoring them to your needs. We also allow access to our database by third parties that provide us with services, such as technical maintenance or forums and job search software, but only for the purpose of and to the extent necessary to provide those services. And if you choose to purchase items through features on the Website, we may forward your information to third parties for services such as credit card processing and order fulfillment. While we will seek to require such third parties to follow appropriate privacy policies and will not authorize them to use this information except for the express purpose for which it is provided, FFE does not bear any responsibility for any actions or policies of third parties. We may also provide access to our database in order to cooperate with official investigations or legal proceedings, including, for example, in response to subpoenas, search warrants, court orders, or other legal process. In addition, we reserve the right to use the information we collect about your computer, which may at times be able to identify you, for any lawful business purpose, including without limitation to help diagnose problems with our servers, to gather broad demographic information, and to otherwise administer our Website. While your personally identifying information is protected as outlined above, we reserve the right to use, transfer, sell, and share aggregated, anonymous data about our users as a group for any business purpose, such as analyzing usage trends and seeking compatible advertisers and partners. In addition, as our business changes, we may buy or sell various assets. In the event all or a portion of the assets owned or controlled by FFE, its parent or any subsidiary or affiliated entity are sold, assigned, transferred or acquired by another company, the information from and/or about our Website users may be among the transferred assets.


You may have read about "cookies," nuggets of information that are placed by a Website in a storage place on your own computer. We may use cookies to control the display of ads, to track usage patterns on the site, to deliver editorial content, and to record registration and personalization information. For example, if you register on any part of the Website and are given the option to save your user name and password on your computer, we may provide this convenience to you by placing a cookie on your computer, but are not required to. Some of our advertisers may occasionally serve you cookies as well. We do not have control over cookies placed by advertisers. If you don't want any cookies, your Web browser likely includes an option that allows you to not accept them. However, if you set your browser to refuse cookies, some portions of the Website may not function properly.


Because no data transmission over the Internet is completely secure, and no system of physical or electronic security is impenetrable, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you send to us or the security of our servers or databases, and by using the Website you agree to assume all risk in connection with the information sent to us or collected by us when you use the Website. In the unlikely event that we believe that the security of your information in our possession or control may have been compromised, we may seek to notify you. If notification is appropriate, we may notify you by e-mail (provided we have your e-mail address). FFE is not responsible for stolen credit information or fraud as a result of charges performed via our third party vendor. All NFL statistics and AP articles are sole property of XML Team Solutions, Inc. Any re-sale or re-distribution without written, signed consent from XML Team Solutions, Inc. is strictly prohibited.

4. Registration and Access

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login name and password and you accept responsibility for all activities, charges, and damages that occur under your account. If you have reason to believe that someone is using your account without your permission, you should contact us immediately. Email contact information can be found in the Executive Leadership section of the About FFE tab as well as the Help Tab. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to notify us of unauthorized use. If we request registration information from you, you must provide us with accurate and complete information and must update the information when it changes. You may not access the Service unless you are above the required age.

5. Intellectual Property; License

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6. Fee-Based Service

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7. Site Access; Account Deletion

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8. Indemnification

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9. Disclaimers; Limitation of Liability


10. Governing Law, Venue, and Jurisdiction

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11. Arbitration

We may elect to resolve any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms or the Service by binding arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association. Unless we establish a different location, arbitration hearings will be held in Northampton, Pennsylvania. The arbitrator's award will be binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction.

12. Miscellaneous

We may be required by state or federal law to notify you of certain events. You hereby acknowledge and agree that such notices will be effective upon our posting them on our site or delivering them to you via email. You may update your email address by contacting on the website. If you do not provide us with accurate information, we will not be responsible for failure to notify you. Our failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision in these Terms will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. These Terms, including all additional terms, conditions, and policies on the Service, constitute the entire agreement between you and us and supersede all prior agreements with respect to the subject matter hereof. If any part of these Terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, that provision will be removed, and the remainder of the Terms will continue to be valid and enforceable.

13. Refund Policy

There is no refund of the purchase price, in whole or in part, unless required by state law, or to correct an error made by FFE.

14. Gambling Policy

FFE is not a gambling website nor is it affiliated with any gambling websites. All prizes awarded by FFE are as the result of sports simulation games ("fantasy games") where the outcome is based on the skill of its participants. FFE does not endorse gambling, wagering or betting on any outcome of any contest associated with this competition. By agreeing to the Policies contained herein, any and all users agree to hold FFE harmless for any action taken against them, whether legal or otherwise, for, or as a result of, gambling, wagering or betting of any kind.

15. Scoring and Statistical Policy

Scores and stats are updated immediately as they are received from our statistics provider. Some events beyond our control can make this time longer. Thus, we are not responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the statistics. Because the statistics are updated "live", some errors may occur. If so, statistical errors are usually corrected by our stats provider during the course of the sporting event, but may take up to 72 hours to be corrected. If an error occurs and is not corrected by our provider, we will correct the stat, but only if it is overwhelmingly obvious that the stat is in error. If there is any doubt to the validity of the stat, we will maintain the statistic given by its provider. All stats for a given NFL week are deemed final at noon on Friday of the next week. Even if the NFL changes a stat several weeks later, it will not be changed by us. Next Gen is not affiliated nor endorsed by the National Football League, its franchisees or subsidiaries, therefore, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies, representations, statements, graphics or content of materials that are uploaded onto its servers and website from other vendors, including but not limited to the National Football League, XML Team, the Associated Press or users.

16. Other Terms
Registered Users

For purposes of these Official Rules, "Registered User" means a person who has successfully completed the registration form and has obtained a User Identification ("ID") and associated password ("Password") on the FFE Website which currently includes Fantasy Football Evolution. If you are not a Registered User you may become a Registered User and obtain an ID and a Password by completing the FFE registration form by going to the Home Page on the Service. There is no fee or charge to you to become a Registered User.

Competition Joining Deadline

After you become a Registered User, you may join the competition anytime up to the start of the first game of the NFL season that you wish to participate in and your draft must be completed 30 minutes before the start of that game. Teams can be purchased through NFL week 4, provided they are drafted before Wednesday, midnight EST. If your draft is not completed by the start of the first game of Week 4 of the NFL season, your team will be automatically drafted for you.

Refund Policy

Once you sign up for FFE, you may not receive a refund of the purchase price, in whole or in part unless required by law.

Potential Winners

ALL POTENTIAL WINNING ENTRIES ARE SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION BY FFE FANTASY FOOTBALL EVOLUTION, WHOSE DECISIONS ARE FINAL. FFE FANTASY FOOTBALL EVOLUTION SHALL SOLELY DETERMINE ANY FORM OF VERIFICATION. AN ENTRANT IS NOT A WINNER OF ANY PRIZE UNLESS AND UNTIL ENTRANT'S ELIGIBILITY AND THE POTENTIAL WINNING ENTRY HAS BEEN VERIFIED AND ENTRANT HAS BEEN NOTIFIED THAT VERIFICATION IS COMPLETE. Potential winners will be notified via email. Entrants are responsible for insuring that e-mail information is up-to-date and accurate. Alternate Potential Winners; Disqualification. A potential winner will be disqualified and an alternate potential winner will be selected if (i) he/she does not comply with these rules (or is otherwise determined to be ineligible), (ii) the prize is undeliverable for any reason. If FFE notifies, or seeks to deliver a prize to or otherwise attempts to contact an alternate potential winner, and such alternate potential winner is subsequently disqualified then FFE shall use its reasonable business judgment to determine, in its sole discretion, the disposition of the prize (e.g., may choose another alternate potential winner in a manner consistent with these rules or donate the prize to another entity, at its sole discretion). Releases and Affidavits. Potential winners may be required to complete an Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability Release, and, except where prohibited by law, Publicity Release.

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