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    FFE IS BACK, BABY! As of right now all FFE draft rooms are open and ready, so what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and draft your winning team today! FFE is the most strategic season-long fantasy football completion in the world With entries starting as low as $25, FFE is the most cost effec...Read more

  • Computer Team Schedules

    An Update on Computer Team Schedules for Phase One. ...Read more

  • Announcing the Fantasy Alarm Private Competition

    Compete with Howard Bender, Jim Bowden & the rest of Fantasy Alarm Nation Like all of FFE's private competitions, this one uses our unique three-stage format, this time to crown a champion among Fantasy Alarm followers. While this competition is open to everyone, the prizes in this competi...Read more

  • Are you Ready For National Draft Day

    National Draft Day is August 26th! Are you ready? We can help. Ready for an NFL season packed with competition, fun and excitement? Then what are you waiting for?  Visit, get registered and get your team now. Join our competition, draft now and prep for your ...Read more

  • Fantasy Alarm Introduction to FFE

    Dan Malin breaks down an innovative and new way to play season long fantasy football with a huge prize pool at the end of Week 16....Read more

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