Announcing the Fantasy Alarm Private Competition

Compete with Howard Bender, Jim Bowden & the rest of Fantasy Alarm Nation

Like all of FFE's private competitions, this one uses our unique three-stage format, this time to crown a champion among Fantasy Alarm followers. While this competition is open to everyone, the prizes in this competition are only available to players who are registered with Fantasy Alarm. Entry in the Fantasy Alarm Private Competition also enters you in Fantasy Football Evolution's World and State Competitions (as allowed by the laws of the state where you reside)*. Join now and be sure to listen in weekdays 4:00 to 6:00pm on the SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Channel #87 to hear the latest from Howard and Jim.

Here is how to join:

  • Click the link below, or paste it into your browser.
  •  Log-in or Sign-up for FFE. - Go to your Dashboard.
  • Click on "Join An Existing Private Competition You Have Been Invited To". -
  • Click on the button next to the name of the Competition you want to join.
  • Create A Team by picking a name and position in the draft order.
  • Pay using PayPal, or with any credits or tokens you have.
  •  Draft when you want. That's it.

*Availability of World and State Competitions varies by state. Private Commissioner Leagues, however, have no restrictions and are available in all states. See website for complete details.