FFE is open for 2017 for Registration, Team Purchase, Private Commissioner Leagues, Referrals and Drafting

They say "Good things come to those who wait." Let us prove it to you. For the past 18 months FFE team has been working tirelessly, redesigning and overhauling our entire website and competition. Now FFE and Dreamco Design, our web design partner, are ready to give you, the loyal FFE player, the most revolutionary and exciting fantasy experience in the marketplace today.  What does that mean?

A Completely Redesigned and Re-engineered Site: This site was built with user functionality in mind. No more draft lagging. No more registration issues. Just a seamless site with an upgraded user page, all new draft room, and an enhanced scoring page with live scoring and alerts. Click here to find out more.

A True World Competition*: You will notice that we have turned the FFE National Championship Competition into the FFE World Championship Competition! For the first time, we have included many foreign countries to add an international flavor to FFE!  This adds to the challenge as you strive to become the first FFE World Champion fantasy football player! Click here to find out more.

All New Private Commissioner Leagues: Do you love the FFE game? We know you do. So why not use the famous FFE three-stage format to run your own competition? The FFE three-stage format is unique in that it has no participant limits. You are not restricted to 12 players. Invite your entire office building, everyone from your favorite local pub, your friends, your family, anyone you want. Get 20 people, 30 people, 50 people, even 100 people. There we no limits and the possibilities are endless... Click here to find out more.

A Revamped State & Country Competitions*: In years past we’ve always had a state competition based on cumulative points after week 8. We know it was hard to follow and not very user friendly. This year, the State Competition is going to be enhanced to use the same three-stage format as our national competition! Not only that, in addition to the US states, we have also added foreign country competitions too! This new competition format is sure to bring even more FFE excitement, as we create new rivalries within your State & Country. Remember, entry into your State or Country Competition* is free and automatic, when you enter the World Competition*. Click here to find out more.

A New Referral Program: Get a $4 credit & give a $4 credit! This year for every paid referral you earn, you’ll receive a $4 credit that is good towards the purchase of additional FFE teams. But that’s not all; the person you’ve referred will also receive a $4 credit, good towards the purchase of their FFE teams. Give your friends the greatest gift of all, the gift of FFE, and improve both your chances of being our next $25,000 world champion. Click here to find out more.

½ Point PPR Scoring: The same three-stage, season long fantasy competition you’ve come to know and love, but this year with the added wrinkle of PPR. For those of you that don’t know what that is, your players receive an additional ½ point for each reception. This should really make things more interesting this year. Click here to find out more.

All this is just the beginning, more new and exciting games and contests are in development. Reward your love of the game.  Join now and play the best version ever of the most strategic and revolutionary season long fantasy football challenge in the world. We are competition and we want you!

*Availability of World and State Competitions varies by state.  Private Commissioner Leagues, however, have no restrictions and are available in all states.  See website for compete details.