We Need Your Help!!!

By Matt Rudzik


Usually my write ups are on the lighter side of things, as I try not to take myself to seriously. Along with some pretty stellar football talk, I usually find myself ranting about old college stories, my favorite beers and sandwiches, Star Wars characters, and even evil Triscuit ladies. But today I got to get real, damn real. We need your help!!

Our existence, along with many other smaller fantasy sports operators, is in jeopardy; and not the Alex Trebek kind either, but real jeopardy. Right now, as I type this, your State Legislators are ruling on regulations for the fantasy sports industry.

Virginia’s governor recently signed a bill that authorizes fantasy contests but requires operators that charge participants and offer cash awards to pay a $50,000 annual registration fee to the state. Similarly, Indiana’s governor signed a bill allowing the state’s gambling commission to regulate fantasy sports and charging companies a one-time licensing fee of $50,000 with a $5,000 annual renewal fee.

Bills like these, which include these outlandish registration fees, make it impossible for FFE and many others to continue operating in your States. The problem is that most of these legislators don’t even know we exist and that these bills are putting us out of business. They’re blindly catering to the 2-3 big daily fantasy operators, who started this whole mess, and quite frankly are the ones benefiting the most from these regulations. As they can afford these fees, all while eliminating a majority of their competition. We feel like we've been thrown under the bus and left to pay for the devil's mistakes.

This is why we’ve joined forces with the SBFSTA. The Small Business Fantasy Sports Trade Association is going to bat for the little guy, and trying to make our voice heard. Joining them alone isn’t enough, much like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker needed help from the rebel alliance to destroy the Death Star, we need you. You don’t need an X-wing Starfighter or the Millennium Falcon for this fight. Just go to www.sbfsta.org where you can help by donating to the cause, join the fight, and reach out to your legislators. Your voice and actions can make a difference.

So if you want to keep playing your favorite three stage, season long fantasy game, Fantasy Football Evolution;  join the fight, make your voice heard, and help yourself stay in the game. Together we can all come up with a solution for fair legislation.

Thanks for your support,

The FFE Team