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FFE is the most strategic season-long fantasy football completion in the world

With entries starting as low as $25, FFE is the most cost effective season-long, global, fantasy football competition in the world.

You get the biggest bang for your buck with FFE.

FFE awards 115 cash prizes throughout the season, including our $25,000 grand prize.

Yes that’s correct for just $25 you could be the sixth FFE world champion and win $25,000.

With its unique three-stage game play, FFE is the only fantasy football competition that offers competitive drafting, league play and tournament play for an unlimited number of players.

Draft a team, beat the computer, beat the players, win the 64 team March madness style tournament and win $25,000; it’s that simple.

Above all else, FFE is one thing: FUN!


Note: To take adavantadge of FFE’s most cost effective pricing tier, purchase teams now. You can draft at any time, provided you have finished drafting 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the first NFL week 4 game. Any team not fully drafted by this time will be force-drafted by the system.


New for 2018, MOCK DRAFTING:  Enjoy a standalone version the best loved feature of FFE, learn about the game and test strategies before entering the World Competition.  Sign-up with FFE and receive two FREE Mock Drafting Sessions against the same AI computer teams you will face when you enter the 2018 FFE World Competition.  If you want more, you can buy Mock Draft 5-packs for just $5.  Draft as often and as much as you want.

New for 2018, Easier private league set-up:  Do you love the FFE game?  We know you do. So why not start your own league.  Our leagues feature no participant limits.  Invite your entire office building or everyone who hangs out at the local pub.  Get 20 people, 30 people, 50 people, even 100 people.  There’s no limits and the possibilities are endless. Best of all they are available everywhere!

New for 2018, 16 week competition format: No longer is FFE going to stand back and penalize our best players by awarding our championship in week 17. Just because NFL teams want to sit their best players and rest them for the playoffs, doesn’t mean you do. Your championship is now! The sixth and new FFE champion will be crowned this year in week 16, with the new FFE condensed competition format. Be sure to check our rules page for more information.

New for 2018, Purchase teams up through NFL Week 3:  Did you miss the start of the Season?  Did your franchise player get injured at the start of the season?  Why not buy another team and get a second chance to win it all.  4 wins still gets you into Stage 2, and from there sky’s the limit.

Note: Availability may be limited or prohibited by state law.  Visit fantasyfootballevolution.comwebsite for complete details.