Computer Team Schedules

FFE and our development partner have identified and corrected a scheduling issue that effected certain users.  Your team, lineup, and your weekly score was unaffected; however, some users reported that their computer opponent they played in their contest was not the same computer opponent shown in their Week 2 Live Scoring over the weekend. 

The integrity our competition is paramount, so we investigated this thoroughly and isolated the cause as an inadvertent triggering of the scheduling script in place for Phase One of our contest that reordered the set schedule of computer opponents.  This morning we have restored the original schedule from our system backups, and have taken steps to ensure that schedules cannot be altered in the future.

We thank you for taking part in our unique and innovative brand of Fantasy Football. 

Good Luck in Week 3, and your chase for our $25,000 Grand Prize.

We will add any further updates to this post.

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